Trade Law

  • Assistance in conducting negotiations with business partners;
  • Provision of legal opinions and analyzes in relation to business and financial projects, legal aspects of their implementation, ensuring their fulfillment;
  • Consulting and preparation of the necessary documents for the conclusion of all types of commercial deals: commercial sale, distribution contracts, commission contracts, license contracts, commercial agency contracts, rental and leasing contracts, transport contracts, shipping contracts, insurance contracts, issuing negotiable instruments; contracts between merchants in the field of advertising, media, entertainment industry, hotel services, supply of goods and services in various spheres in the dynamic trade turnover;
  • Assistance in negotiations for the conclusion of banking transactions and contracts for the provision of collateral securities;
  • Legal protection in disputes arising from commercial transactions and deals;
  • Procedural representation in commercial cases before all courts.


Yova Chemshirova
Attorney at law

Manastirski livadi-zapad qrt.
Complex Nikmi, Bl. 12, Office 2
Sofia 1680

tel.  00358998522043