Real Estate Law

  • Consultations on the acquisition and alienation of real estates and limited rights in rem over them, structuring transactions, conducting negotiations;
  • Research of the legal statute of real estates, preliminary verifications for encumbrances or real claims by third parties regarding the real estates, analysis of the accompanying documents;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for concluding transactions with real estate, preparation of preliminary contracts and final contracts in the form of a notarial deed;
  • Assistance in the legal aspects of planning, investment design and construction, changing the statute of use of territories for the purposes of realizing investment intentions;
  • Consulting and preparation of the necessary documentation for the establishment of servitudes according to the Law on Property, the Law on Territorial Planning and the Law on Energy;
  • Legal protection and assistance in contributing real estate to the property of commercial companies;
  • Consulting in the establishment of securities on real estate, including mortgages, pledges, special pledges over commercial enterprises with real estate included in the assets;
  • Procedural representation and assistance in court cases with subject protection of rights of ownership and possession, claims for declaration of preliminary contracts for purchase and sale of real estate for final, claims for buying of a part of a co-owned property, judicial division and other cases with the subject of rights over real estates;
  • Consulting and assistance in procedures of background extensive verification by notary for the acquisition of property by time-barring possession.


Yova Chemshirova
Attorney at law

Manastirski livadi-zapad qrt.
Complex Nikmi, Bl. 12, Office 2
Sofia 1680

tel.  00358998522043