Procedural Representation

  • Procedural representation and assistance before all courts in civil and commercial cases;
  • Providing protection in the preparation of court settlements for the purpose of voluntary and fast settlement of legal disputes;
  • Research and examination of court cases and providing opinions on them;
  • Analysis and consulting regarding the development of the court proceedings, legal options for possibilities for appealing court acts, adaptation of the undertaken strategy to newly emerging circumstances in the course of the proceedings with a view to maximum protection of the client’s interests;
  • Representation and defense in enforcement cases, preparation of the necessary documents for the formation and conduct of enforcement cases, appeals against the acts of the bailiff, representation in carrying out actions aimed at satisfying monetary claims and directing enforcement against the debtor’s property;
  • Representation before national and foreign arbitration courts and platforms for out-of-court dispute resolution.


Yova Chemshirova
Attorney at law

Manastirski livadi-zapad qrt.
Complex Nikmi, Bl. 12, Office 2
Sofia 1680

tel.  00358998522043