Insolvency and Liquidation

  • Preparation of the necessary documents and legal representation when insolvency proceedings are filed by a creditor or a debtor;
  • Legal protection and assistance in the presentation of creditors’ claims in opened insolvency proceedings, submission of objections against acceptance/ non-acceptance of claims in the list approved by the court of the admitted claims and filing of declaratory claims regarding the existence or non-existence of these claims before the competent court;
  • Procedural representation during creditors’ meetings in open insolvency proceedings;
  • Preparation of claims for invalidity of actions and transactions that are damaging the interests of the creditors and procedural representation in conducting the cases initiated with these claims;
  • Consulting and legal protection in proceedings for the recovery of the enterprise of a commercial company for which an insolvency proceeding has been opened;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents and assistance in opening and carrying out liquidation procedures of commercial companies and non-profit companies, legal representation in all phases of the procedures, distribution of property and carrying out the necessary actions for deletion of the companies from the Commercial register and register of non-profit legal entities.


Yova Chemshirova
Attorney at law

Manastirski livadi-zapad qrt.
Complex Nikmi, Bl. 12, Office 2
Sofia 1680

tel.  00358998522043