“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
Ernest Hemingway.

My mission – to justify your trust!
… and trust is justified by – Results!

Yova Chemshirova - Attorney at law

A third-generation attorney at law fond of unconventional solutions.

Member of the Sofia Bar Association since 2009.

Тrusted partner for the clients and competent advisor for optimal protection.

Fluent in written and spoken German and English.

Areas of practice

The law office provides comprehensive legal consulting and complex solutions that are not limited to a specific area of law.

The main focus of the practice are cases in all branches of civil, commercial and property law, legal representation, cases with an international element in relations, cross-border transactions and procedures, complex legal services for Bulgarian and foreign clients in the overall implementation of their activities.


Partners of the office

The law office works in close cooperation and permanent partnership with attorneys at law, lawyers and law firms specializing in various fields of law throughout the country.

For each specific engagement, the application of an optimal combination of knowledge and experience and the provision of flexible and responsible solutions are guaranteed. In the development of individual cases and if necessary, the office uses additional assistance from proven specialists.


Yova Chemshirova
Attorney at law

Manastirski livadi-zapad qrt.
Complex Nikmi, Bl. 12, Office 2
Sofia 1680

тел. 00358998522043
имейл: office@advokat-chemshirova.com